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Ripoff Report Removal Services

If you or your business has been listed on Ripoff Report, you know how frustrating and damaging it is and how helpless you feel. If you have done your research about the company you probably know that getting it removed seems impossible. There’s just no way to get off of Ripoff Report once it is posted. Right? Good news, you are wrong….kind of. There’s a proven LEGAL method way around this problem: get the listing removed from the search results rendering the report practically invisible on the internet. People do not go to Ripoff Report to research a business, they go to Google. If it is not on the Google search, it’s pretty much invisible to everyone! While it doesn’t get rid of the Ripoff Report listing itself, it keeps the average web searcher researching you or your business from finding it.

What is the Traditional Option For Dealing With Ripoff Reports: Bury The Report – terrible Idea!

In the past your only option is to hire a reputation management firm to “bury” or “suppress” the Ripoff Report. This is a terrible idea! Most reputation management firms, which are basically SEO (search engine optimization) firms, will simply creating additional positive websites, articles, and other media about you in an effort to push the offending Ripoff Report off of the first page of Google search results. In many cases, these efforts are NOT successful. Ripoff Report listings are too strong to push down permanently, and the damage continues. And since SEO efforts usually require ongoing effort, any success can be short lived ESPECIALLY IF YOU STOP PAYING THEM! Also, look at the economics behind this decision…you pay a hefty fee upfront, plus a monthly fee. And when do the fees end? Ever? And when they end, doesn’t the Ripoff Report just move back up? So you pay over a long long period of time 10’s of thousands of dollars to a firm to TRY to push it to page 2 or 3 with NO GUARANTEE and if you stop paying it just crawls back up? What sense does that make? And is the person using google happens to just go to page 2 or 3, guess what….THEY WILL SEE THE REPORT!!! Why would anyone EVER hire a suppression firm when removal is an option? The answer, you wouldn’t.

    Here is a classic analogy, God forbid you ever get sick and the doctor gives you 2 options:

  • Option 1: Take a medication with no guarantee results that you have to pay for monthly possibly forever and it will just make you feel a little better but never cure your issue.
  • Option 2: Get surgery and recover and it is cured in a few months for a flat cost.
    Obviously the answer is simple.


What do we do? Answer: Delist the Report from Google Search

You may not be able to get the negative listing removed from Ripoff Report but you can get it removed from Google, which is just as good.

Here’s what you need to do, in three steps:
Our process is simple…
1) Our attorneys typically file a lawsuit against the original author of the report for defamation, business disparagement, false light, or any other claim that is legally appropriate.
2) If we win or receive a default we will obtain a court order declaring the offending report to be false and defamatory.
3) Submit the court order to Google.

You will not pay any fee unless Google will honor the court order and completely remove the offending webpage from its search index. While the offending report will still appear on the Ripoff Report website, the reference to that report in the Google search index will be gone completely, and Google will display at the bottom of the search results page where the Ripoff Report listing previously appeared, something like:

google example

Also note that this method works on a search engine by search engine basis. Just because Google delisted the offending report doesn’t mean that another search engines will. But we typically see great success with Yahoo and Bing as well.

Beware of Imitators

Unfortunately we have been hearing from a lot of clients that there are many scams going around claiming to do what we do. How can you be assured Online Defamation Defenders are not a scam? Well here are a few things to consider:

  1. For the past 2 years Online Defamation Defenders have never changed their name or their phone number. With the digital age we live in and review sites there would be countless victims talking about how we have wronged them. To the contrary, we promote our review page and encourage people to read and write reviews. To date we have had 100% satisfied customers you can check that at: http://www.bbb.org/cincinnati/business-reviews/personal-services/online-defamation-defenders-in-cincinnati-oh-90013098
  2. We currently use Bank of America to process our payments. All payments are accepted through credit cards. Bank of America would never continue to work with us if we were not delivering on exactly what we offer to our customers. Also if you pay anything with a credit card and get scammed you should reverse the charge immediately. Beware of any company or individual who requests bitcoin or pre-paid cards as a form of payment.
  3. Lastly, we do not get paid until the post has been removed. This is the ultimate fail safe for our customers. We are a performance based company. When only get paid once we have executed on our agreement and you are 100 percent satisfied!

Who We Are

Online Defamation Defenders is a boutique reputation management firm that exclusively specializes in online content removal. Online Defamation Defenders was founded in 2014 in Cincinnati, OH with the vision of providing a fast, affordable, and reliable service to remove slanderous and damaging information from the internet. We offer a guarantee that if the content you are interested in having removed and de-indexed is not done to your satisfaction, we will not be paid. Online Defamation Defenders is one of the few reputation management firms that guarantees your credit card will not be charged until the negative content has been removed or de-indexed. There are no hidden fees with our service, you pay one flat rate. We also offer expedited services for certain sites, simply call us at 800-914-7628 for a free consultation and price quote.


What We Do

Let us start off by telling you what we don’t do: LINK SUPPRESSION. To suppress negative content online is the same thing as taking a medication for an alignment that could be cured by surgery. Although our upfront fee may be much higher than a link suppression campaign, the problem will be solved quickly and permanently. A much better solution than paying a monthly fee to a firm that will never remove the negative content and actually solve the issue at hand. Instead you will pay a fee to have it suppressed and run the risk of someone possibly finding it or google changing its algorithm and the content resurfacing high in the rankings. Our service is simple: we offer content removal period. If we feel we cannot remove the content, we will not take you on as a client.

Why Choose Us?

1) Complete content removal. Not link suppression

2) We are not paid until the content is removed or de-indexed and you are a satisfied customer

3) We work hand in hand with some of the top legal professional in the business with over 50 years in Online Reputation law experience

4) We are offer the best prices in the industry. Period.

5) We are an A rated and accredited company with the Better Business Bureau

Reviews & Testimonials

Online Defamation Defenders is proud to announce our “A” rating with the better business bureau.  If you are interested in either reading our reviews or leaving us a review please go to: Leave a Review or Read our Reviews

Services that are Considerate, Discreet and Affordable

At Online Defamation Defender, we strive to protect the privacy rights of our clients by providing them with the best available service to remove malicious posts against them on the Internet. We only charge fees when we have effectively gotten rid of all the slanderous and defaming content from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Also, we only charge once the content has been removed, and even then our prices are fairly agreeable; and you don’t have to worry about privacy since we have an outstanding reputation with regards to our privacy policy. Our experience and reputation truly speaks for us, so don’t hesitate to try us out.

Online Defamation Defenders

Why Choose Us?

  • We won’t charge you until your post is removed.
  • We charge a flat fee regardless of how much work is required to get a post removed.
  • We do complete post removal NOT link suppression.
  • We use Bank of America merchant services for a secure payment portal.
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Sites we Remove From

  • Liarsandcheatersrus.com
  • Cheaterreport(s).com
  • CheaterRegistry.com
  • CheaterCollege.com
  • stdregistry.org
  • stdcarriersdatabase.com
  • BadBoyReport.com
  • cheatersrus.com
  • BadGirlReports.com
  • Stabbedmeintheback.com
  • badbusinessrus.com
  • ihatedeadbeats.com
  • cheaterscatcher.com
  • exposingcheaters.com
  • filthylittlesecrets.com
  • Reportmyex.com
  • Complaintsbureau.com
  • stdregistry.com
  • Predatorslist.com
  • Aidscarriers.com
  • badbizreport.com
  • scamboard.com
  • reportdeadbeats.com
  • MyEx.com
  • deadbeatdirectory.com
  • DatingScams101.com
  • Hitechcrimesolutions.com
  • Datingcomplaints.com
  • Usacomplaints.com
  • Usaconsumercomplaints.com
  • LiarsCheatersandBastards.com

The Online Defamation Defenders Guarantees

  • We will attempt to remove the content from the offending site within 10-21 business days from the start date of our agreement.
  • If we are unsuccessful within that time period you will incur no fee.
  • Your payment will not be released to us unless your post and pictures have been totally removed from the site.
  • We charge one flat rate fee for removal with no hidden costs.
  • Prices vary based on a variety of factors. Guaranteed, flat-fee quote given after telephone consultation.
  • If your post is re-submitted we will go through the removal process again free of charge.
  • Since we only charge you after we are successful in removing content, we do not offer other refunds.
  • You may cancel any time before we provide services.