What is your guarantee?

The Online Defamation Defenders guarantees:

  • We will attempt to remove the content from ComplaintsBoard.com within 10-21 business days from the start date of our agreement.
  • If we are unsuccessful within that time period you will incur no fee.
  • Your payment will not be released to us unless your post and pictures have been totally removed from the site.
  • We charge one flat rate fee for removal with no hidden costs.
  • If your post is re-submitted we will go through the removal process again free of charge.


What is Complaints Board?

ComplaintsBoard.com is a consumer rights activist website which aims to give consumers an outlet in disputes with retailers and service providers. Affected parties submit their complaints to Complaints Board, and those statements are then posted online in order to apply the pressure of public exposure to the targeted businesses. The administrator of ComplaintsBoard.com solicits readers for descriptions of scams and poor customer service and publishes them as examples of corporate fraud.


Why is it damaging to be posted on Complaints Board?

Like many other anonymous review sites, Complaints Board cannot verify whether or not consumer complaints are legitimate. Often times individuals filing complaints will use false contact information and pseudonyms. It is common for business rivals to report falsified complaints on ComplaintsBoard.com with the purpose of threatening and damaging competitors reputation. The intention of these fake complaints is to damage a rival’s trademark, cause business loss and hurt their good name.


How can Online Defamation Defenders help?

Online Defamation Defenders offers complete and total removals from ComplaintsBoard.com. Online Defamation Defenders is able to not only able to remove the links from Google but also completely remove the post from the site itself. This is the gold standard for removal of negative content online. The negative content will be completely removed from every aspect of the internet! For more information email us, fill out our form, or call us at 1-800-914-7628 or to schedule a free consultation.ComplaintsBoard.com can seriously damage the reputation of a business or service provider. If you want to remove negative content from ComplaintsBoard.com, Defamation Defenders can help you. We have developed a reputation when it comes to Complaints Board removal, and many of our clients have had damaging content removed from the site. So if you would like to remove a post from Complaintsboard.com; try us out. The best part is that we don’t charge a cent until the content in question is completely removed!