What is your guarantee?

The Online Defamation Defenders guarantees:

  • We will attempt to remove the content from complaintsbureau.com within 10-21 business days from the start date of our agreement.
  • If we are unsuccessful within that time period you will incur no fee.
  • Your payment will not be released to us unless your post and pictures have been totally removed from the site.
  • We charge one flat rate fee for removal with no hidden costs.
  • If your post is re-submitted we will go through the removal process again free of charge.

Worried About A Complaints Bureau Post?

Complaints Bureau is a site that allows anyone to post negative comments and reviews that are entirely un-validated or fact-checked. Because of this a business may receive a negative revue from a competitor or someone they never even did business with! We are also seeing individuals posted on this site having their name and reputation slandered with no proof.

Worried about a ComplaintsBureau.com posting about your business or services? Online Defamation Defenders offers complete removal of damaging content from this site. Since this website is quite high on US Alexa ratings, and can be potentially damaging to your reputation, so if you want to remove reviews from complaintsbureau.com, fill out our form, email or call us toll-free at 1-800-914-7628 to schedule a free telephone consultation.

How We Can Help

Online Defamation Defenders offers complete removals from ComplaintsBureau.com. Online Defamation Defenders is able to not only remove the links from Google but also remove the post from the site itself. This is the gold standard for removal of negative content online. The negative content will be completely removed from every aspect of the internet! For more information, fill out our form, email us or call us at 1-800-914-7628 to schedule a free telephone consultation.